Sunday, 24 September 2017

Book Your Hair Salon for Holiday Season - Reaz Hoque

The holiday season is here.  You have prepared your house for various family visitors. You bought all the kid’s Christmas presents. You even planned out your holiday meals ahead of time.

But is your Hair Salon ready for the holidays?

It better be, for this time can be one of the most lucrative of the year if correctly prepared for.

The first step in maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction during the holiday season is to offer seasonal promotions and sales. The slight cutback in profit will be made up for by the extra influx of people coming into your salon.

Second, it is very important to portray your business as a place of relaxation among the midst of Holiday stress. We all know what it is like to have to deal with family pressure, and preparation stress around the Holidays, so offer your customers a place to escape. Create a marketing strategy for your company that promotes this message, and watch the stressed pour in.

This is not to say that your salon should act as an escape from all things holiday however. While people may want a break from the commotion and bustle, holidays are still a time of joy, and your salon should reflect that.

Decorate, but not obsessively. Place cute Christmas figures around the shop, drape some holy from the ceiling, or maybe place a menorah near the window. Simple, yet friendly, decorations will attract customers.

Similarly, add holiday themed beads, highlights, and accessories to your selection of purchasables. A bright Christmas red, or a deep Chanukah blue will sell rapidly this time of year and will attract many customers.

Still, for some the stress of the holidays is too much, and they will not find time to escape the bustle until after New Years, when things start to settle down. It is because of these people, that it becomes essential to offer a high volume of gift cards during this time of year. Gift cards are a good idea to sell at all times, however they can be especially worthwhile during the Holidays.

It might also be a smart idea to advertise the selling of gifts cards, via window, or social media, because they can make great last minute gifts from Husbands, Boyfriends, or children, who will need to see the sale before they enter your salon.

If you have taken the right steps to prepare, you should see some extra money this holiday season. But what about yourself? You have worked tirelessly all year, shouldn’t you and your salon be rewarded too?

The answer is yes. You definitely deserve to be rewarded, and your salon definitely deserves an upgrade. Give yourself the gift of relaxation. This can be accomplished by joining a small business automation platform. These programs, such as Pulse 24/7 ( founder Reaz Hoque), make your life easier by offering features like online booking and online payments. Never worry about writing down a wrong price, or double booking again. Take advantage of the tools available to you, and make your life easier with mobile automation.

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