Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Reaz Hoque (CEO and Founder of Pulse 24/7)

The synergy events is an organization which has been designed with the marketing strategy which believes in providing high end luxury to the product centered companies in order to reach the potential target audience with the help of the upscale events which are targeted in order to make the customers satisfied in the best possible way. Reaz Hoque is the chief executive officer and the founder of the events and it was established in the month of March, 2006. Reaz Hoque Synergy is something which every customer looks upon based on its intimate settings.  

It is renowned for the most established night life in the city for the events. Reaz Hoque is also a branding and the marketing expert as he has spent majority of his career in cross industry organizations which uses both current as well as the emerging technologies and is also very helpful in solving the complex problems of the business as per the customer’s requirements. 

This has resulted in reducing the costs and gaining competitive advantage over the other rivals. Reaz Hoque is an individual who established himself by starting as a software architect at the GE capital where he helped in the establishment capital and was part of the development team which implemented business to government commerce community along with the marketplace which enabled the government agencies to manage their sourcing and functions in an apt manner. He was also recruited as a technology evangelist for the Netscape. He is considered as a visionary technology leader who has authored various groundbreaking books on technology. 

Also a key contributor at various trade magazines, he is one of the popular speakers in numerous conferences, industry seminars and events. There have been various events and seminars which has been organized and supervised by his team. The customers prefer him for the themed events and the best way for technology handling strategies in the most appropriate manner for the customers. There are innumerable amount of events which has been organized and sustained by Reaz Hoque. 

The atmosphere of the events is always distinct and exclusive from the market. This has led to the betterment of the customers in the most profitable manner. The customers feel happy to get their events organized by his team as all the events become a success without any hassle. The coordinated team just focuses on the more involvement of the passively sponsored events by combining socialization, music, dance, entertainment and style in the events. Most of the event management organizations focus on brand promotions and the sponsored events; however this is not the case with Reaz Hoque Synergy.