Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Reaz Hoque Synergy – The Ultimate Online Savior

Being the chief executive officer of the Synergy events, Reaz Hoque is all set to help you in the most affordable manner for the booking of your events or the payment facilities online. He has also written groundbreaking technology books on various diverse topics and has become one of the blooming authors in the field of trade magazines and books. He is also a frequent guest speaker at the international business conferences and the events in various seminars and conferences. Recently he has also indulged in the helping of premier cross industry firms which uses both current and emerging technologies to solve the intricate business problems in the most efficient and effective manner. 

Also, along working with the most efficient fortune 1000 organizations, he has quickly gained the charm of the industry and has become the leading gems in the term of building business applications in order to streamline those processes. Reaz Hoque Synergy offers various professional events planning services which include event management, coordination, d├ęcor and styling in the most affordable manner. There are various other services which are provided by the Reaz Hoque Synergy events such as -
• Ease of online booking 
• Ground transportation
• Delegate accommodation booking and venue sourcing
• Social and partner activities
• Engagement of guest speakers and facilitators
• Management of all audiovisual needs and much more
• Special event planning services 
• Providing beautiful architecture and themes for the events 
• Events along with entertainment 
• optimum utilization of resources 
• Working with efficiency and effectiveness 
• Timely management 
• Well systematic way of organizing
• Innovative practices 
• Visionary ideas 
• Efficient management 
• Well coordinated team 
• Amiable staff 
• Time saving skills 
• Ultimate satisfaction
• Catering services 
• Decoration services 
• Wedding planning 
There are various types of events which are organized and set up by the synergy events. With this the customers will get a point of view of helping the clients in the most appropriate manner. With the best services at your disposal, the synergy events will help the customers in the best possible way. Not only the time factor but along with that the sustainability factor is kept in mind. The main objective of the firm is to provide ultimate satisfaction to the clients. With the help of the synergy events at your juncture, you can avail the best services in the most affordable and convenient manner. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Reaz Hoque —  An Innovator and Well-Admired Event Manager in Boston

He is the founder and the chief executive director of the synergy events which was established in the year 2006 in the month of march. The company has designed a strategy which allows the high end luxury product organizations to reach a target market with the help of the upscale themed events via the intimate settings. This way the firm has organized various events and helped the clients in the most appropriate manner. From the booking for the events online to the delivering of the best utilities to the customers in the most appropriate manner. There are a large variety of things which has to be kept in mind while the event planning and management. All these factors are kept in mind and scrutinized properly in the most appropriate manner.

Besides this, Reaz Hoque has spent most of his career in helping premier as well in the cross industry organizations which uses both current as well as the emerging technologies to solve the complex business architect and problems related to the events. With them, the firm can earn a competitive advantage in the best possible way. You will be able to surpass the competition in the most affordable manner with the reliable one in the industry.
The synergy events have been established with the aim of organizing the strategically themed events to provide the high end organizations the ability to reach out to the target audience in the most appropriate and affordable manner.The organization has a list of 60,000 blooming professionals in the boston and the new york area which allows the brand additional sponsors to label them in the news letters and the most appropriate manner.

The amiable staff along with the great interpersonal skills and coordination of the things are all set to provide the customers with the best experience. With the expertise and better communication skills the customers will feel the best once they get engaged in the services of the organization. This will further help the customers in the most appropriate manner regarding the booking and the organization of the events. With Reaz Hoque Synergy events, you can blow your minds off with the best coordination, systematic techniques and the greatest innovation practices. The flexible timings and the convenient facilities are all set to rock your world.

Reaz Hoque has thus created an image of systematic and well organized image of the events which has been created by the team.The well managed and the systematic team is at your doorsteps to provide you the ultimate contentment.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Reaz Hoque ( CEO ) - The SYNERGY Events Boston

Reaz Hoque Synergy was founded in the month of March, 2006 by Reaz Hoque. The synergy events are providing the customers with the ultimate satisfaction since then. There are some qualities which have to be present in the event management team and every such quality is present in Reaz Hoque Synergy. If you talk about the interpersonal skills, then this is the apt organization you are in.
They will deal with the clients in the most amiable way which will lead to better coordination and team work among the clients. The interpersonal skills of all the people working together are fabulous and will definitely make your event, a success. Furthermore, the Reaz Hoque Synergy is known for being creative, energetic and innovative.
A large number of innovative ideas and skills are present in the team members who ultimately lead to the best design and development of any event. Besides being the marketing experts, the team members have all the skill set of the branding expertise as well. In any case you suffer a doubt cloud in your mind about Reaz Hoque Synergy then consider the reviews of the events that customers have rated on the website; you will definitely feel confident about indulging with Reaz Hoque Synergy.

There are various emerging trends which have been established under the Reaz Hoque Synergy. The superior organization skill is the main reason which helps in the better organization of the event. The leadership skills of the supervisor are something which has led to the success of every event in Reaz Hoque Synergy. The team is expertise in all the aspects, whether it is the organizational skills, leadership skills, time management skills, flexibility in operations, everything is kept in mind by the Reaz Hoque Synergy.
A lot of information is available for the customers and the clients on the official website of the organization. It is the responsibility of the clients to keep in mind all the rules and regulations, terms and conditions and stay tuned to the official website of the organization. This will help the clients in better understanding of the process and the organization as well as the supervision of the event as per the needs and preferences of the customers as well as the potential of the market. All the niche market segments need to be kept in mind while developing strategies for the event in making.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Reaz Hoque (CEO and Founder of Pulse 24/7)

The synergy events is an organization which has been designed with the marketing strategy which believes in providing high end luxury to the product centered companies in order to reach the potential target audience with the help of the upscale events which are targeted in order to make the customers satisfied in the best possible way. Reaz Hoque is the chief executive officer and the founder of the events and it was established in the month of March, 2006. Reaz Hoque Synergy is something which every customer looks upon based on its intimate settings.  

It is renowned for the most established night life in the city for the events. Reaz Hoque is also a branding and the marketing expert as he has spent majority of his career in cross industry organizations which uses both current as well as the emerging technologies and is also very helpful in solving the complex problems of the business as per the customer’s requirements. 

This has resulted in reducing the costs and gaining competitive advantage over the other rivals. Reaz Hoque is an individual who established himself by starting as a software architect at the GE capital where he helped in the establishment capital and was part of the development team which implemented business to government commerce community along with the marketplace which enabled the government agencies to manage their sourcing and functions in an apt manner. He was also recruited as a technology evangelist for the Netscape. He is considered as a visionary technology leader who has authored various groundbreaking books on technology. 

Also a key contributor at various trade magazines, he is one of the popular speakers in numerous conferences, industry seminars and events. There have been various events and seminars which has been organized and supervised by his team. The customers prefer him for the themed events and the best way for technology handling strategies in the most appropriate manner for the customers. There are innumerable amount of events which has been organized and sustained by Reaz Hoque. 

The atmosphere of the events is always distinct and exclusive from the market. This has led to the betterment of the customers in the most profitable manner. The customers feel happy to get their events organized by his team as all the events become a success without any hassle. The coordinated team just focuses on the more involvement of the passively sponsored events by combining socialization, music, dance, entertainment and style in the events. Most of the event management organizations focus on brand promotions and the sponsored events; however this is not the case with Reaz Hoque Synergy.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

(Pulse 24/7) Booking & Scheduling Mobile App For Service Providers

Reaz Hoque is the CEO and Founder of Pulse 24/7.  He is a multi disciplinary business technologist. He is also owner of the Boston NYE party and manages all the SYNERGY events. He participates actively in all business events and also organized some charity functions.  At the SYNERGY Events he allows high-end luxury product companies to achieve its objective market through upscale themed events.

At Synergy Events, Reaz provide ultimate atmosphere unlike any  other. The Events organized by him are special, extraordinary and dissimilar. While many companies choose to hold brand promotions, or passively sponsor events, they require more involvement and on-site networking in an upscale setting, merge music, art, and fashion. It’s going to be everything you look forward to for in a party and more.

Reaz Hoque has built one innovation that does advertising, selling, E-Commerce, mobile payment, mobile and on demand booking, social media management, customer retention for petite service oriented company. Customers will now reserve our assistance repetitively without ever having to pick up the cell phone. Pulse 24 is the great app for scheduling software for petite business management or booking appointment.
 Pulse 24/7 App proffers users a web-based platform as well as an on-demand mobile booking app for accepting arrangements. Booking and scheduling your on demand service providers, paying through your mobile device, and rating their services just got simple with this innovative platform.

This Application allows businesses to generate reward and referral programs to pull towards you customers. The solution also lets businesses produce discount and promotion codes that can be shared with both new and existing customers for service endorsement.   
Pulse 24/7 app makes your living easier by offering features like online booking and online payments. Never worry about writing down a wrong price, or double booking again. Take advantage of the tools available to you, and make your life easier with mobile automation.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How Much Do Apps Actually Cost to Build? What Do I Have to Do to Create One?

Mobile applications are starting to become more popular than traditional websites. Apps are vital to today’s world. Without them, a PC is just a typewriter, and a smartphone or tablet is just a device with a glass screen.

Apps now make up 50% of all mobile data by volume. People spend 89% of mobile media time on Apps, compared to 11% on browsers. Users find apps quicker and more convenient, with a wireless internet connection not always required while on the application because they store data locally on the device. Location- based apps such as Twitter and Tinder are very popular right now, riding the new wave of innovation. 

These days everyone wants to join in on the modern day success stories: get rich quick and become the next creator of Uber or Whatsapp. Apps seem to be a simple thing: you think of a brilliant idea, create the app, and it goes viral and you become rich. However, it is not so simple.

With this new frenzy on apps, many entrepreneurs have visions of creating their own.

“Can you give me a ball -park amount for cost and timing?”

A question on every visionary’s mind but a difficult question to answer. With that said, when estimating prices, cost is determined by three factors: the breadth of the work to be done, the time it will take, and the budget. It is also determined by whether or not you want to create an iOS app or Android (Android is more expensive). Our advice is to start with iOS and once you become more experienced and your app gains traction, move onto Android.

 In most cases, the budget is fixed. However, many do not know the extent of money that they will need in order to bring their ideas to reality. Uber cost around 100- 500k for their two apps and the dashboard for the company owner to monitor everything on the app. Twitter cost around 40- 60k in a span of 3-6 months. 

Read on to find out exactly what you have to do and how much it will cost to create your app.

Phases of App Building:

Defining business rules

In this phase, you find your team. To make things simpler, it is better to work with one company because this is a very interactive phase. When looking for people to develop your app, it important to find a team who has completed a full life cycle of app building.  In this phase, you will lay out your visions and needs for the future app. Be very specific when laying out what your app should be able to do- this way it will be easier for the developer to understand exactly what you want.

For example, Uber needed two apps; one for the customer, and one for the driver. This was determined in this first phase. Of course, more demand for the app means more costs so the budget will also be determined.


This phase is to design the layout and logo for the app. This is very important as having an appealing and sleek design can make or break your product. You can organize your designs on Photoshop to customize your app and show them to the developer.

Prototyping/ Creating a flow

Now you have created the app, and are playing around with the general layout to test the designs. This early sample of your product can test the concept of the app that you are trying to produce.


After evaluating your designs through the prototype, you will create 3 versions of your app on a milestone basis to perfect it:

Alpha Version: This is the very first version of your app. This part has a few key features to see how the app is going to work.

For example, for Uber, this version would be tracking the car.

Beta Version: This second version is more advanced. This version will be able to be tested by other users outside of the developing company.

For Uber, this phase would test if the customer can actually pay for the ride and if the driver can take the money from the customer.

Final Version: This is the final version of the app. By testing the full app you have created, it will avoid launching an app with bugs and help improve software. One thing to keep in mind is to use a team that can configure servers and keep everything (like your customers information) secure. The last thing you want is to have private information such as credit card numbers leaked. 


Congrats! The day is finally here- you’ve now created your first app. Host your app on Amazon web services as it is the standard and most secure host. Make sure you have a marketing strategy to notify the world about your great app.

Lastly, the rule of thumb is that when you’re creating an app, you need to budget for at least 3-5 months to build. On average, app development should have a 50- 100k budget with some leeway for more spending. 

Example Costs of Popular Apps: 

Based on market research, these are the costs to create these apps based on their feature functions. The more complex the features are added to means more coding and more testing that needs to be done, causing it to be more expensive and time consuming. 


The Facebook app is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to add friends, message, post statuses, add/ manage their profile, access their newsfeed, posting pictures, “places”, etc. In addition, the app allows users to share photo stories with their friends(similar to snapchat) with fun filters/ effects that disappear after 24 hours. The estimated cost to build the Facebook app in both Android and iOS would be: $100,000 - $250,000.


The Yelp app is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app has features to provide restaurant go-ers with authentic reviews from previous customers. Customers can write & read reviews, post photos & ratings, read menus, get directions, and bookmark restaurants for future trips. The estimated cost to build the app in both Android and iOS would be: $65,455- $168,000


The Instagram app for iOS and Android allows users to connect with their friends and follow interests. Features include picture posting, liking pictures, commenting, following other users, live story, direct messaging, etc. The Instagram app has many more features than their website, which only allows users to comment, like, and follow others, making their app their main platform.  The estimated cost to build the app in both Android and iOS would be: $46,000- $67,000.


Uber can be used on both iOS and Android, but there is a plot- twist that many do not know. There are two Uber apps; one for the customer (that many are familiar with) and an app for the driver. The user app enables riders to use their location to find drivers nearby and communicate with them in order to catch their ride. The app easily lets customers pay the driver through the app, making it convenient and hassle- free. The drivers app allows them to find their rider and coordinate with other riders nearby for their “UberPool” feature. Both apps have a ratings feature which can be helpful when finding drivers/ picking up customers. Because Uber has two apps, it cost more money and time to build, so this is something to factor in The estimated cost to build the app in both Android and iOS would be: $95,000- $150,000

Here at Reaz Hoque Synergy Consulting, we believe in fair pricing and are very transparent based on our milestones and deliverables. Don’t be scared away by these pricings; we want to work with businesses who have a realistic view of how long it takes to test and launch an app. There is tremendous complexity when it comes to app building- especially when it comes to the Android and iOS platforms- because they are very different. Mastering the coding of an app is very important so it doesn’t crash; one of the reasons why customers delete them. The best way to get a complete pricing from any development firm is to make sure that you define your feature list, your user base (customers vs. admin), wireframes and flow chart (even if they are drawn by hand) to give the app development company a precise idea of what the app is expected to do. 

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Book Your Hair Salon for Holiday Season - Reaz Hoque

The holiday season is here.  You have prepared your house for various family visitors. You bought all the kid’s Christmas presents. You even planned out your holiday meals ahead of time.

But is your Hair Salon ready for the holidays?

It better be, for this time can be one of the most lucrative of the year if correctly prepared for.

The first step in maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction during the holiday season is to offer seasonal promotions and sales. The slight cutback in profit will be made up for by the extra influx of people coming into your salon.

Second, it is very important to portray your business as a place of relaxation among the midst of Holiday stress. We all know what it is like to have to deal with family pressure, and preparation stress around the Holidays, so offer your customers a place to escape. Create a marketing strategy for your company that promotes this message, and watch the stressed pour in.

This is not to say that your salon should act as an escape from all things holiday however. While people may want a break from the commotion and bustle, holidays are still a time of joy, and your salon should reflect that.

Decorate, but not obsessively. Place cute Christmas figures around the shop, drape some holy from the ceiling, or maybe place a menorah near the window. Simple, yet friendly, decorations will attract customers.

Similarly, add holiday themed beads, highlights, and accessories to your selection of purchasables. A bright Christmas red, or a deep Chanukah blue will sell rapidly this time of year and will attract many customers.

Still, for some the stress of the holidays is too much, and they will not find time to escape the bustle until after New Years, when things start to settle down. It is because of these people, that it becomes essential to offer a high volume of gift cards during this time of year. Gift cards are a good idea to sell at all times, however they can be especially worthwhile during the Holidays.

It might also be a smart idea to advertise the selling of gifts cards, via window, or social media, because they can make great last minute gifts from Husbands, Boyfriends, or children, who will need to see the sale before they enter your salon.

If you have taken the right steps to prepare, you should see some extra money this holiday season. But what about yourself? You have worked tirelessly all year, shouldn’t you and your salon be rewarded too?

The answer is yes. You definitely deserve to be rewarded, and your salon definitely deserves an upgrade. Give yourself the gift of relaxation. This can be accomplished by joining a small business automation platform. These programs, such as Pulse 24/7 ( founder Reaz Hoque), make your life easier by offering features like online booking and online payments. Never worry about writing down a wrong price, or double booking again. Take advantage of the tools available to you, and make your life easier with mobile automation.